Phoenix Pride introduces: Phoenix Pride Creative from September 15, 2017 – November 5, 2017.  A new initiative by Phoenix Pride to engage and promote the creative talent within the Arizona LGBTQ community. Phoenix Pride’s intent is to develop and cultivate support systems for artists who address complex issues facing the LGBTQ community.

The Phoenix Pride Creative is seeking original artwork to convey a message that brings recognition to achievements, attention to struggles, challenges, and expression of individual experiences within the LGBTQ community. Through this competition, artists can support the LGBTQ community and have their artwork recognized among Phoenix Pride’s events with more than 37,000 attendees.  We want to encourage the artists to take into consideration how to adequately represent the LGBTQ community in a creative, bold and fun way.  One crucial factor to keep in mind; be respectful to what it stands for.

Submissions must have one theme and a corresponding banner and logo. The fee of $25.00 and files can be submitted via the website (, limit of 1 submission per fee with a maximum of 3 per person. 100% of the proceeds of the submission fee go to the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Fund. 

LGBTQ community members and allies from the state of Arizona are called upon to make submissions to be showcased as the 2018 main events theme, logo and headline banner. We encourage entries from all types of artists — who reside in the state of Arizona — regardless of where.

Artists are required to submit their proposed theme and banner on or before the deadline of November 5, 2017 by 11:59pm (PST).  No late submissions will be accepted

Submit Your Artwork Here

The First-place winner will have their theme and banner utilized for all main events in 2018 hosted by Phoenix Pride.  This includes putting the winning selection in publications, marketing and advertisements for the entire year.  A few of the main events that the winner will be showcased in are as follows:

  • Phoenix Pride Festival
  • Phoenix Pride Parade
  • Rainbows Festival
  • Community Spirit Awards Ceremony

Additionally, the first-place winner will also be entitled to:

  • Artwork stamped with Artist name
  • Presented by Miss and Mister Phoenix Pride at 2018 Pride Opening Ceremony in April
  • Complimentary table setup in the Artists tent at the Phoenix Pride Festival in April
  • Two VIP tickets to Phoenix Pride Festival
  • VIP entry in the Phoenix Pride Parade
  • Event logo displayed on the Grand Marshal float for the parade
  • Meet, greet and photos with your choice of one of the Phoenix Pride Festival headliners
  • Banner, logo and biography of the winning Artist on the Phoenix Pride website for the entire year
    • Second and third place winners along with honorable mentions will also be listed for the entire year
  • The top three winning artists will be announced via Social Media and in a Press Release

Important Dates for Participating Artists.

Call for Artist opens.
Sep 15, 2017 at 12:00am (PST)

Deadline for submissions.
Nov 5, 2017 at 11:59pm (PST)

Final decision posted online.
Dec 01, 2017

Note that this does not replace the organization logo in any way, but instead is strictly for main events that Phoenix Pride hosts annually.

All work must be submitted electronically. Phoenix Pride will not accept any other forms of work other than digital as described above.


This Call to Artists is open to any artists who reside in the State of Arizona who can adequately represent and depict the Arizona LGBTQ community. The medium of choice is up to the artist’s own comfort and abilities in their learned skill set and environment, ranging from — photography, painting, illustration, graphic design, and so forth — so long as the final piece is submitted within the submission parameters.

Submission Parameters


We would like the artist to focus on issues within the Arizona LGBTQ Community

  • Subjects can include community progress, opportunities, struggles and celebration of diversity and community related LGBTQ subjects
  • Your theme should be a slogan or tagline that focuses on “PRIDE”.
  • We are requesting original artwork, in the form of a digital vector file compatible for printing, display on the website and banners
  • It must include the word “PRIDE”, a slogan or tagline (e.g.: a short message or keywords), a main logo (graphic symbol or icon), and “Phoenix Pride Creative” (not as the focus, but subtitle)
  • Creative can be substituted by any of the following words:
    • Innovative, Ingenious, Inventive, Prolific, Visionary


  • No profanity or nudity of any kind will be accepted (Unless in reasonable context of the work being presented. This will be determined on a case by case basis.).
  • If you wish to use models or pictures of any individual, you must provide a signed model release agreement in addition to the submission or it will be immediately rejected from consideration.

Also, take into consideration that we will be using this to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Ensure it is within the guidelines and regulations for these social media outlets.

Submission Guidelines:

We will need two submission sizes to ensure that we are able to maximize exposure for the artist and community to see:

  • 336 x 280 (desktop)
  • 320 x 100 (mobile banner ads)
    • Resolution: 300 DPI (minimum)
    • High-quality photos

Please review our judging criteria and/or submission guidelines located on the official homepage.


Is there a fee to enter submissions?

  • Yes, there is a $25.00 entry fee per submission. You can submit up to three separate submissions but are only eligible for one of the top three showcasing spots or five honorable mentions being offered

Where does the money go?

  • 100% of all proceeds go to the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Fund

What are the awards about?

  • The awards come in three categories:
    • First Place Winner will be used throughout the year in all Phoenix Pride Events
    • Second and Third Place Winners will be posted on the website for the entire year (with the First-place winner)
    • Honorable Mentions will be posted on the website as honorable mentions

Participant requirements:

  • Open to all LGBTQ members of the community who live in the State of Arizona, without any exclusions with regards to citizenship status, nationality, gender, race, or other demographic

Is there a minimum age requirement?

  • No. We want to open this opportunity to all LGBTQ community members here in the State of Arizona

Who are the judges?

  • Artist selection panel of both Phoenix Pride Board of Directors (50%) and Pride Community Members (50%)

Still Have Questions?