The 2020 Pride Scholarship Recipients have been selected!

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“Educating Our Community”

The Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program is a charitable program to provide scholarships to college students in the local community who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies. The funds for this program are administered by the Arizona Community Foundation. Since its inception in 2008, the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Fund has awarded $347,500 in scholarships. We awarded $52,000 in scholarships in 2020!

The Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program continues to be supported by contributions from Phoenix Pride and community members who are committed to expanding the educational opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community. The program is currently seeking to increase partnerships with philanthropic individuals, corporations, organizations, and foundations to raise scholarship funding for LGBTQ+ students in the metropolitan Phoenix area.

Scholarship Recipients

  • 2019 – $47,000

    Albert Alan – Dan Galloway Pride Scholarship
    Pelyuan Wang – Pamela L Kirby Pride Scholarship
    Olivia Roush
    Peter Somoza
    Chloe Koebel
    Logan Mitchell
    Tillie Jones
    Chase Ford
    Jordan Montgomery
    Olivia Roush – PGFFL/Swire Coca-Cola Pride Athletic Scholarship
    Karen Rivas – PGFFL/Smirnoff Pride Athletic Scholarship

  • 2018 – $41,000

    Jordan Montgomery – Miss Gay Arizona America Scholarship Award
    Olivia Roush – Dan Galloway Scholarship Award
    Jordan Davis
    Andres Bautista
    Rocque Perez
    Krista Davis
    Tillie Jones
    Cesar Manjarrez
    Madison Piper – PGFFL Pride Athletic Scholarship

  • 2017 – $35,000

    Gabriel Ogbonnaya – Dan Galloway Scholarship Award
    Brett Armstrong
    Sidney Aronsohn
    Juan Hinojos
    Cody Holt
    Tillie Jones
    Jimmie Munoz

  • 2016 – $30,000

    Alex Geiger – Dan Galloway Scholarship Award
    Tanner Bollman
    Nemanja Demic
    Juan Hinojos
    Cody Holt
    Juan Pedroza Reyes

  • 2015 – $30,000

    Katie Curiel – Dan Galloway Scholarship Award
    Nemanja Demic
    Joseph Florez
    Cody Holt
    Allison Knuth
    Joseph Margolias

  • 2014 – $30,000

    Michael Howard – Dan Galloway Scholarship Award
    Cody Holt
    Cylee Gutting
    Samantha Espinoza
    Steven Belvel
    Thang Vu

  • 2013 – $25,000

    Trudie Jackson – Dan Galloway Scholarship Award
    Joseth Hermosillo
    Michael Howard
    Emily Johnson
    Roberto Valadez

  • 2012 – $24,000

    Tristan Fehr
    Milo Neild
    Andrew Lopez
    Joseth Hermosillo
    Melissa Conrad
    Elizabeth Martin
    Mathew Watson
    Casey Clowes
    Emily Johnson
    Cylan Shaffer
    Trudie Jackson
    Suzanne Stepp

  • 2011 – $15,000

    Kaylene Dawn Almy
    Mathew Luray Watson
    Amanda Lin Taylor
    Alejandro Ramirez
    Jesus Feliciano Alvarez
    Marcus Jones II
    Stephanie Birnbaum
    Tristan Fehr
    Ashlee Stierstorfer
    Chay Mayer

  • 2010 – $10,500

    Joshua Judd
    Laine Evans Nelson
    Michael Anthony Gonzales
    Kaylene Dawn Almy
    Tracy J. Geiger
    Trudie Jackson
    Mathew Luray Watson

  • 2009 – $6,000

    Terry Tyrone Jones
    Joshua Judd
    Laine Evans Nelson
    Jessica Jarrel
    Taylor James McDonald

  • 2008 – $2,000

    Hector Ramirez
    Stephanie Roberson