Mister Phoenix Gay Pride Title Reinstated, Rainbows Exhibitor Applications, Community Strong, and more

August 22, 2013Newsletter
Phoenix Pride celebrates and promotes the history, diversity and future prosperity of the metropolitan Phoenix LGBTQ community. 

Exhibitor applications are now open Rainbows Festival, Oct 19-20, on the Phoenix Pride website.
NEW THIS YEAR!  After listening to exhibitor feedback, we have added the following, in an effort to further enhance exhibitor experience:
  • One FREE parking space with each Commercial Booth space in Heritage Square Parking Garage (attached to venue)
  • Exhibitor Hotel Rate
  • Food Trucks welcome!

Please contact office@phoenixpride.org with questions.

Here is the second set of teams.  Brad Speck will be a student of two royal professors.  Former and current Miss Phoenix Gay Pride titleholders, Grecia Montes d’Occa and Khloe V. Monroe, will teach Brad what it takes channel his inner diva and be a fabulous Drag Queen!Don’t count out Cymande Zalzala!  She has Brandon Packer, for whom, the Brandon Packer Spirit Award is named in honor of, and Gunner Gatyln, Mister AGRA 2013, to school her in the art of all things Drag King!

“After careful review and evaluation by the Phoenix Pride staff and Board of Directors, Phoenix Pride is pleased to announce the reinstatement of the Mister Phoenix Gay Pride title to our Pageant.In March, Phoenix Pride announced the suspension of the title due to violations of the Mister Phoenix Gay Pride Guidelines and Code of Conduct. A Town Hall Meeting was scheduled with the King community earlier this month. After an open and honest dialogue with the community members who attended, we are confident that the issues that arose earlier this year will not be repeated. Members of the King and Queen community who were in attendance, committed to fostering a harassment and bully free environment should Phoenix Pride reinstate the Mister Phoenix Gay Pride title.”

You may read the press release in its entirety

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