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Phoenix Pride Community Foundation

Phoenix Pride is a leader in the metro Phoenix LGBTQ+ community. Through the Phoenix Pride Community Foundation, we have been able to make significant contributions to LGBTQ+ focused non-profit organizations and programs and have awarded scholarships to deserving LGBTQ+ individuals who strive for a higher education, totaling the Foundation’s contributions to over $1,350,00. The Community Foundation houses our Partnership Grants Program, Scholarship Program, and Community Grants Program.

Through the Community Foundation, we create and advance opportunities for the LGBTQ+ Arizona nonprofit community by providing financial support and serving as a leader and advocate for this third sector for Arizona’s economy. With over 250,000+ self-identified LGBTQ+ people living in Arizona, our local direct-service nonprofits provide vital services and resources specific to LGBTQ+ needs. The Phoenix Pride Community Foundation provides value to Arizona’s vibrant LGBTQ+ nonprofit sector by helping LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations and programs achieve their mission.
The Phoenix Pride Community Foundation awards significant life changing student scholarships to LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to help them attain their goal of a higher education. Phoenix Pride gives LGBTQ+ and allied students a chance at a brighter future by providing a resource they need to stay in school and graduate. We lead Arizona’s LGBTQ+ scholarship funding sector by creating a vibrant, thriving community where people realize their highest aspirations and achieve their fullest potential.

We continue to develop our community programs to raise public awareness about the LGBTQ+ community in an effort to eliminate homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination that is still very much prevalent over 40 years later since our inception.

Your support of the Phoenix Pride Community Foundation ensures the viability of our organization to ensure the LGBTQ+ community can continue to advance equal rights, opportunities, and protections for all.

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