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The Arizona LGBT+ History Project host it’s annual Banned Books Reading on It’s a very special Adult story time that draws attention to the problem of book censorship, with events like this across the country. Join us as a wide variety of readings from banned books.

Who have some of our readers been?

  • Ace Walton
  • Geno Oberlander
  • Kendra Tonan
  • Madelaine Adelman
  • Symon Benjamin
  • Theresa Nicole
  • Tara Ijai
  • Trejon Dunkley
  • Victor Emmanuel
  • Sister Sur Mon Visage
  • Sister Indica
  • Clottee Hammons
  • David Boley
  • Franny Havok

This event is a fundraiser for the Arizona LGBT+ History Project, an initiative to preserve stories and other archival materials that document the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) history in Arizona. After centuries of cultural, social and legal oppression, the LGBT+ community has made tremendous gains toward equality in the past 50 years. However, much of the “official” history of the LGBT+ community is both scant and pejorative. The goal of the Arizona LGBT+ History Project is to gather stories of the people who once hid in the shadows.