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The Value of Representation

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It is difficult to quantify the impact the Phoenix Mercury has had on the LGBTQ+ community. After all, how does one measure the value of representation?

In our opinion, it’s priceless.

The Phoenix Mercury, the WNBA franchise that began in Phoenix in 1997, has demonstrated its support for inclusion and equality for years in part by living the words it values. The team has said that inclusion and equality are part of its DNA, and it shows. Read More

PetSmart Gives Unconditional Love

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Every day, PetSmart works with pets who give unconditional love. A Phoenix-based company, PetSmart believes that type of love offers a valuable life lesson — that everyone is worthy of unconditional love.

At Phoenix Pride, we love that. So much.

It’s part of the reason we appreciate our partnership with PetSmart, who has supported Phoenix Pride since 2017. We’ve worked with them at our Pride Festival and our Rainbows Festival, and we see them on the route we’ve marked for our Phoenix Pride Parade, walking along with a float that promotes that message of unconditional love. Read More

Support Retail Sponsors That Support Pride

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The retail industry has been impacted in much the same ways the event industry has through the pandemic, as stores shuttered and sales plummeted amidst an economic downturn. To say it’s been a rough few months for the retail sponsors who support Phoenix Pride is an understatement.

That’s why it’s important, now more than ever, to prop up the brands that have supported Pride for so long. And continue to, even in tough times. Read More

Newcomer Makes Impact, Quickly

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As Phoenix Pride celebrates “40 Years of Fortitude” this year, we are reminded of the time it takes for progress, and a message, to take hold. It’s part of the reason we are so impressed, and grateful for, CAN Community Health, which just began serving the Phoenix area in October of last year — after decades of service in other cities.

And just months after it began working in the Phoenix area, the organization participated in Pride’s Rainbow Festival earlier this year, offering onsite HIV testing and education. CAN will be the presenting sponsor of the Health and Wellness Area at the Phoenix Pride Festival in November and will continue to offer similar support with its mobile health unit. Read More

It Was The Best Of Times, It Was…

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straight and cis allies – all of us. We celebrate. We reflect. We reminisce and reunite. We live.

So many in our community cling to their memories of Pride Month year after year as the lifeline that gets them through the eleven other months of the year.

2020 changed that.

Those of us who have lived through the past month will remember these days for the rest of our lives. Not just because of COVID-19 and its impact – the postponement of Pride parades and festivals and events across the country and around the world. Not just because this year marks the 40th anniversary of Pride in Phoenix. Not just because of the extenuating circumstances that have closed our favorite places to congregate, forced us into virtual interactions and led to hoarding of basic household supplies. Read More

Bank of America Shows Pride Every Day

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Bank of America has been there for Phoenix Pride for the past decade, offering support, funding and manpower for our biggest events in the most impactful ways. Bank of America employees in Phoenix volunteer 100,000 hours each year in our community, and have been one of the PRIDE Parade’s largest contingents every year.

But, what’s even better, is Bank of America has been a strong voice and partner for the LGBTQ+ community for much longer. Their commitment extends past a parade, although they do plan to have more than 400 employees and families participating in Pride’s next parade. Read More

Bringing Pride to Education

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It’s hard to quantify our gratitude for the support we receive from the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF), an organization that manages funds put in its care in order to create lasting legacies for good.

ACF believes community non-profits should be financially sustainable so they can most effectively serve the populations that need their support. And for the past 15 years, ACF has been offering that valuable guidance to Phoenix Pride, specifically related to the scholarship funds we award to deserving LGBTQ+ youth multiple times each year. Read More