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Every day, PetSmart works with pets who give unconditional love. A Phoenix-based company, PetSmart believes that type of love offers a valuable life lesson — that everyone is worthy of unconditional love.

At Phoenix Pride, we love that. So much.

It’s part of the reason we appreciate our partnership with PetSmart, who has supported Phoenix Pride since 2017. We’ve worked with them at our Pride Festival and our Rainbows Festival, and we see them on the route we’ve marked for our Phoenix Pride Parade, walking along with a float that promotes that message of unconditional love.

PetSmart supports Pride’s cause because it values aligning itself with organizations that unite the community and protect the rights of all people. PetSmart works to create an atmosphere where everyone can live out loud, with authenticity, and was proud to work with the HRC Business Coalition to support legislation that extends basic workplace protections to LGBTQ+ employees that have already been offered to other protected groups.

Internally, PetSmart puts its mantra to work by supporting Pride at Work, an enterprise-wide associate resource group committed to promoting awareness and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. And, it has previously served as presenting sponsor of the HRC Arizona Dinner and partnered with One Community and One-n-Ten, organizations we wholeheartedly support.

It’s hard not to love that, unconditionally.