Having made the incredibly difficult decision to postpone the 40th Annual Phoenix Pride Festival and Parade to November of 2020, the Phoenix Pride Board of Directors has determined that the best course of action for the organization, and the community, is to also delay our Community Grants Program. As the Community Grants program is tied directly to the Festival and Parade, the only logical option is to move the program until 2021 after the rescheduled Festival and Parade.

However, thanks to, and in recognition of, the incredible efforts of this year’s Phoenix Pride Pageant court and the commitment of Pride to meet the needs of individuals in our community who are furthering their education and personal development, the organization will be moving forward as planned with the 2020 Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program, with the recipients to be named over the summer and a formal presentation to take place during the Phoenix Pride Festival, November 7-8, 2020.

Phoenix Pride is dedicated to our mission and to continuing to serve our entire community, and while we are adjusting to the impact of current global events on our local programming, we are steadfast in our commitment to continue moving forward.

You have our sincere appreciation for your patience and understanding as we work through this challenging time. We are at our strongest when we stand as a community, and as a community, we will meet the challenges ahead and get through them.