It’s easy to say “Thanks.” What’s more challenging, though, is finding ways to fit all of our honest, heartfelt gratitude into those six letters. Sometimes it feels like one word doesn’t offer enough room.

So, we figured we’d do a little more.

As we continue to plan for our postponed Pride Festival and Parade in November, we felt it was important to recognize the support we receive year in and year out, even during difficult times, from our sponsors.

We’re so thankful, in a time of uncertainty, shifting timelines and reorganized schedules, that the sponsors committed to our cause are adjusting along with us, without hesitation.

This is a time of year where Phoenix Pride, and the businesses, brands and people who prop us up, celebrate the progress we’ve made and the lifestyle we’re proud to live. It is during Pride Month, more than ever, that we feel the support of brands, businesses and community members for LGBTQ+ causes. And that support isn’t seasonal.

We didn’t want something like a pandemic to dilute any of the support we feel, especially when the sponsors who support us continue to in a challenging climate for events. So, over the next few weeks we will attempt to convey our gratitude for our supportive sponsors in ways that will hopefully allow us all to learn more about the allies around us and connect with them for services and support if it’s needed.

Pride isn’t just an extraordinary event. It’s an ongoing energy emitted by progress and love. And, we’re adding gratitude to the mix.